Our Story

​S.J.L Essentials focuses on offering top quality fabrics with our pivot on organic, and recycled fibers for apparel and accessories, as well as offering natural skin care for kids. SJL Essentials was inspired by the founder’s love for her nephew and passion for wanting a clean and sustainable environment for a healthier world around us.

We are on a mission to help change the Fashion Industry and Ecosystem for upcoming generations. Fast fashion is not the way to go!


Have you :

Bought something, worn it once and never again?

Bought stuff because at the time it may seem you can get a lot for your money because the garments are so cheap? How long did that garment actually last you? 

Before buying ask yourself: 

Are the garment workers making fair wages? 

Are the garment workers working in safe environments?

Is this harmful in anyway? To the planet or me? 

Was this dyed with synthetic chemicals? 

Am I putting chemicals on my skin?


Most of the garments from fast fashion are filled with chemicals. Once disposed of they leave significant amounts of harmful chemicals for the land to absorb.​ 

While only 3% of the world’s arable land is used by growing cotton, cotton farming is responsible for 24% of insecticides and 11% of pesticides making cotton the number one production consumer of pesticides. The dust from the pesticides can cause illness within us, damage in the air quality, and affects water quality. When we damage water quality we damage the ecosystem, plants, animals, and ourselves. 

We are on a journey investing in quality and long lasting healthier goods. We want garments to last you for years and to have the quality that can be passed down for generations continuously in good conditions. We bring to you the most natural cosmetics for kids that don't include any harmful chemicals, toxins, and have not been tested on animals. (vegan friendly)


We support garment workers & other employee rights for fair wages and racial equality. We support fashion, essential products, and all around healthy living.

All of our products are unisex.

We know how much one can love fashion. We are not saying don't ever buy clothing and beauty again. Just buy with caution, and care like you care for yourself and others. 

SJL Essentials is also committed to giving back to different charities that focus on different environmental needs. See our Philanthropy page for more information. 

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An ecosystem where the least amount of chemicals and other pollutants exist within fabrics, soil, and other wildlife is a happy life!




From the farms, to the manufacturing and packaging.

We are working with brands who pride themselves in ethically made products from start to finish. Not only do we only carry organic & sustainable products but all packages come wrapped in recycled tissue paper, and are shipped in recycled mailers and boxes.


Our Fabrics

Crafted from organic, recycled and sustainably grown fibers.

Skin Care

 We are toxin, gluten, paraben, dye free, bpa, and animal cruelty-free!