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All of the brands we carry focus on organic and sustainable products for kids. They have articulated  authentic pieces creatively and are working within the fashion industry to make a clean change!

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We want to help you shop clean! We are your go-to online boutique for your family's environmentally friendly needs. 

Fashion & Cosmetics : 

More than half of fast fashion is disposed of in under a year. Why not buy less and keep what you want for longer? Endocrine disruptors are chemicals used in textile processing, and other essential products. Over 8,000 synthetic chemicals are used in clothing manufacturing today. If you are wearing clothing, or using skin care that has toxic chemicals in them there is a chance that you are absorbing a small portion of these chemicals through your skin. 


Earth & Wild Life: 

Animals and other habitats are significantly affected by toxic pollutants. The most common types are synthetic chemicals, oil, toxic metals and acid rain. 

Every minute the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean, and each year between 8 to 12 million metric tons of new plastic trash enters the ocean. If this stays the same statistics show by 2050 Plastic by weight is going to weigh more than fish in the ocean. Plastic only fades and never really disappears, instead it breaks up into smaller pieces known as "microplastics".  

SJL Essentials is committed to bringing you essential products without any daily waste & harm! 


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